Jelena Vasiljević (PhD in socio-cultural anthropology) is a Research Associate at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. Her research focus is in the fields of citizenship studies and political and legal anthropology. Her research themes include the politics of solidarity, transformations of citizenship regimes in the post-Yugoslav states, affective and lived dimensions of citizenship in WB, and culture and rights debates. Her latest research is concerned with the study of political dimensions of solidarity, and more specifically, with examining the tensions between the notions of citizenship and solidarity. She was a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, working on an ERC funded project on citizenship transformations in the former Yugoslav states (CITSEE) and a Research Fellow at the Centre for South East European Studies, University of Graz. She published a monograph The Anthropology of Citizenship (in Serbian, 2016), and her articles appeared in Nations and Nationalism and Citizenship Studies, among other journals.